Sex Toys Tips

Sex Toys Tips

Often known as marital aids, sex toys have become increasingly popular in the modern day society. Some purchase them to heighten pleasure in their relationships while others do so for solo use. If you have never tried using fun toys to spice up your bedroom activities and want to try them, this guide will be useful.

What type of sex toy should a beginner purchase?
This is a major consideration for anybody thinking of purchasing an adult toy. Types of Joujou Sex Toys include sex dolls, strap-ons, vibrators, cock rings, dildos, anal toys, female and male sex pumps and many others. If you desire to have penetrative sex, then start with something that is a bit flexible such as a jelly dildo. For non-penetrative sex, such as cock rings, buy the ones made of rubber or silicone. Avoid rigid adult toys such as those made from metal, as they may be a bit uncomfortable for a beginner. You should also try Vibrators

CRESCENDO Adjustable Vibrator

Consider the size and cost
For a first timer, it is good to start small. Buy smaller sex toys and work up to bigger ones when you gain more experience. Mini vibrators are known to give great orgasms and can be carried around. Also, avoid spending a significant amount of money on purchasing your sex toy, since you are still trying out and unsure of what toy will entice you the most.

Use sexual lubricants
It is advisable to use lubricants for penetrative sex toys. This is precisely imperative for anal sex since both the rectum and the anus do not produce natural lubrication. Using oil when enjoying penetrative sex with your adult toy ensures you have a comfortable and pleasurable experience. Some special anal sprays and gels are designed to relax the anal muscles, thus making penetration easy.

Sex toy cleaner
When buying your pleasure toy, remember to ask for the guide as well as a cleaner. Sex toy cleaners are inexpensive yet crucial commodities. After using sex toys, one should clean them immediately then store them in a clean place. Marital aid cleaners are safe, efficient and have anti-bacterial activities thus preventing you from getting infections. Good care for adult toys ensures they last for a long time.